It is an honor for us to have your interest in the only authentic and official CranioSacral Therapist Course in Hungary, as well as, in further courses offered by Upledger Institute Hungary. 

No professional education, qualification or prior knowledge is necessary for participating in our programs. Dr. Upledger was determined to ensure that no group of professionals could monopolize his method, he wanted to enable even non-professionals to learn it. Students have the possibility to learn during the program all the necessary anatomical, physiological and practical know-how inevitable for the safe practice of the therapy. The especially light-touch techniques of the method make it the safest alternative therapy even for a total beginner.

The main education program consists of 7 levels: CS1, CST2, SomatoEmotional Release® 1-2, as well as, Advanced1-3. In order to help family and friends with the techniques of the first education level (CS1), there is no need to complete further levels. They merely offer opportunities for development. Completing CS1 and CST2 courses, as well as, a successful international CST-T exam covering the material of the two courses is required by The Upledger Institute to earn the title of ‘Craniosacral Therapist’. Students can learn at their own pace, and can start the next level when it is the most convenient. 

As the Upledger Institute International organizes its international education programs through its local Satellites, courses can be started, restarted or continued at any of the Satellites. The teaching material, education structure and schedule is the same everywhere, so is the standardized, international education fee. The only difference is the person, the professional background and the experience of the therapist.

In Hungary, the first, second and third level of CranioSacral Therapy is taught by Orsolya Gábriel International Instructor, Head of the Upledger Institute Hungary. In order to teach the education programs of higher levels, Instructor colleagues are invited from the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, England and the USA. All the Instructors of the parent company undergo the same strict education program, and carry out their activity under regular supervision according the guidelines of the Institue.

Each of our courses belongs to accredited adult education, thus not VAT is charged on the Participation Fee. According to the provision of The Health Registration and Training Center, the number of professional credit points that can be given for the trainings are: 17.

You can find detailed information on the courses by clicking on the given course on the left menu bar. 

In case, after reading the information you decide taking part in the courses, please follow the instructions below:

- Download the application documentation of the relevant course! Print two copies of the Application Form and the Course Contract! Fill in the forms using capital letters and blue ink, and sign the documents on each page!

- Put the documents and a photo (not older than 6 months) into a plastic document holder!

- Post the compiled documentation or bring it personally to one of our health centers before the application deadline.

- At the same time transfer the Registration Fee of the course. This way you can grant your place at the course. In case of bank transfer please indicate your name and the course code in the Description Section.

- Remainder can be paid either via bank transfer, or in cash. Please consult the organizer about it.

In case of further queries, we are ready to be at your disposal every weekday between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on the following number: +3620 9420074.

We hope to welcome you in person to one of our courses soon.

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