Visceral Manipulation: Listening Techniques
An integrative approach to evaluation (LT1)



July 4-6, 2023
Application deadline: June 4, 2023

The most fundamental, yet most complex, question that a practitioner faces when working with a patient is, "How do I determine what are the reasons for this person’s pain and dysfunction?" Listening Techniques 1 (LT1) assists the practitioner in answering that question. Expanding on the evaluation tools taught in Barral Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1, as well as in Barral Neural Manipulation 1, LT1 is designed to reinforce powerful evaluation techniques known as "listening" skills. Listening Techniques’ are palpation tools developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, which enable the practitioner to fine-tune assessment skills. The evaluation phase of a patient’s treatment session is key to long-lasting results. Through precise evaluation techniques, the practitioner is able to determine, and focus on, the primary causes of a patient’s dysfunctional pattern. No matter what type of modalities a practitioner uses, this workshop enhances his/her evaluation tools and skills, which in turn will lead to greater patient outcomes. The LT1 workshop includes lecture, demonstration and practice for each technique presented.



Practice "listening" skills (palpation procedures) that helps guide you to the proper manual manipulation site.
Explain how to interpret the information the body is offering regarding imbalances and dysfunctions.
Demonstrate through ”listening” how to determine which body structures are involved, and identify the best approach for treatment results.
Practice ”listening” to the body systems, as they respond to your manual treatments.
Explain and demonstrate the correct approach and amount of force when working on different parts of the body and with different patients.
Enhance specificity in evaluating the body for restrictive patterns, which will enable more effective treatment applications.
Understand how to incorporate "listening skills" in the patient’s evaluation and treatment plan.
Enhance palpation sensitivity to increase effectiveness with treatment and patient outcomes.

-If you have not studied Listening Techniques then this class will introduce you to one of the most powerful evaluation tools that will help you determine where to begin with your patient treatment.

-If you are not totally comfortable with your Listening Technique skills, this class will help you to become proficient with these evaluation tools.

-If you have been using Local Listening and General Listening with your patients, this class will take you to the next level of your perception and abilities.


Upledger Institute Hungary
2051 Biatorbágy, Keserűkút u. 101/73



Day 1
Registration 8:30h-09:00h
Teaching: 09:00-18:00h

Day 2

Day 3

Workshop schedule is subject to change. Workshop may run late each day in order to be able to cover all material planned for that day.



Roberto Bonanzinga, D.O., BI-D (Italy) - Instructor
The organizer reserves the right to change the location, instructor and teaching assistant of the workshop about which applicants will be informed via e-mail.



630.00 EUR, that includes 1 copy of LT1 Study Guide and the costs of interpreting, but does not include travel, food and accommodation expenses.



Tuition fee is to be paid in cash after preliminary confirmation.



Cancellation deadline free of liquidated damages: the 42nd day prior the first day of the course. The amount of liquidated damages in case of a cancellation of 42-35 days prior the first day of the course is 50% of the Tuition Fee, and in case of a cancellation of 35-28 days prior the first day of the course it is 70% of the Tuition Fee. In case of a cancellation within 28 days prior the first day of the course, the amount of liquidated damages is the total Tuition Fee. 180.00 EUR Registration Fee is included in the Tuition Fee. In case of a cancellation this amount is not refunded.



Licensed or certified healthcare professionals or students, including Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Naturopaths, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals.




- Agreement to comply with our general principles and rules of procedures (Code of Ethics)

- Approval of the Head of the Course Organizer that is Upledger Institute Hungary Ltd.

- Submission of the application documents (Application Form and a recent photo) within the given application deadline

- Complete payment of the Tuition Fee within the given deadline.




Application form can be downloaded by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. Please return the completed form with a recent photograph of you attached to the following name and address by post until May 1, 2020:

Upledger Institute Hungary Kft.
2051 Biatorbágy
Keserűkút u. 101/73, Hungary

Please, also send a copy of your completed form to the following email address:



We leave it up to each prospective student to assume responsibility for advance preparation; we cannot screen students for their level of readiness. You may, however, find yourself frustrated and left behind if you do not study before hand.  It is suggested that you read through the Visceral Manipulation II text book and look up the terms for the following lists of terms and structures provided.  It is also recommended that you begin your study well in advance of the scheduled workshops to allow for unforeseen interruptions and a comfortable learning pace.  We want this to be an interesting and intriguing educational experience for all of you.


Wearing loose, comfortable, layered clothing and indoor slippers during the course is recommended. Avoid wearing tight clothes. As several techniques require the touch of the bare skin, it is inevitable to wear such clothing which allows the skin to be accessed easily. Due to the nature of the method, nails have to be cut short.



At the end of the training students will receive a certification issued by The Barral Institute. The issue of the certification is subject to the students’ presence during the whole period of the course, as well as, to their active participation and cooperation. The issued certificate does not qualify for individual medical activity!

Documents connected to the course

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