TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a somatic (body-based), easy-to-learn method that naturally releases accumulated stress and tension through a simple series of exercises, as well as helps to release residuum of past traumas trapped in the body, thus supporting homeostasis, regulating the nervous system and creating well-being.
It is a self-help technique that, once mastered, can be safely practised at home anytime you should feel the need.
These imple yet innovative exercises that anyone can learn, gently stretch and activate specific muscles and muscle groups, activating one of our body's innate reflex mechanisms, the so-called neurogenic tremor, which is an integral part of our internal self-regulation processes.
Medical science recognises several types of tremor, which are considered pathological. The vibration and tremor that occurs during TRE® is part of our self-healing, self-regulating mechanisms and as such is a perfectly normal response. Just think of an antelope or gazelle in the wild, running away from a predator, then releasing the tension.
When neurogenic tremor is activated in safe and controlled conditions, we can reconnect with our innate, natural biological process, our primal and instinctive ability to let go, and release the imprints of stress, tension and trauma without recalling difficult memories.

After a short introduction, the first session consists of a 7-element sequence of exercises, taking into account your limitations and potentials. The exercises are performed from the bottom up, gently stimulating certain muscles, mainly the psoas muscle. This muscle is special; it originates from the lumbar spine and connects the upper body to the lower body, and is the first to react in a situation of danger: it contracts the body, then relaxes when the danger is over, allowing the body to re-open. By activating it, we allow the neurogenic tremor to be triggered. Six of the exercises are done in a standing position, the seventh is done lying comfortably on the floor (yoga mat or mattress). The tremor phase lasts 10-15 minutes, depending on the individual. This is followed by the integration of the physical, mental and emotional experience of the processes triggered by the tremor, and then the class ends with sharing the experience and answering questions. 
In the following sessions, the role of the exercises will be reduced, the duration of the tremor can be increased as needed and the potential of TRE® can unfold session by session.
To learn TRE® and then practice safely at home, you will initially need the guidance and presence of a qualified TRE® Provider for at least 5-6 sessions. With the help of an experienced Provider, you can learn one of the most important building blocks of TRE®: self-regulation and self-empowerment. We learn to recognise and respect our body's limits and boundaries, learn to say no, to stop, to relax when we need to.
In everyday life, especially in Western cultures, this is not how we tend to function: we are conditioned to push our limits, to 'overstep', over and over again. But in TRE® we learn exactly how to listen to our body, how to notice the signals when it says enough is enough. Sooner or later, we will be able to connect with our inner wisdom and follow its guidance. 
The session can be done one-on-one or in a group setting, either in person or online. The latter is particularly helpful for those who feel more comfortable in their own homes, or who are unable to attend an in-person class due to geographical distance or for any other reason.
For you! 
Because we all have everyday tensions in our lives, and by releasing them as soon as possible we can maintain inner balance, physical and mental harmony, and we can uncover and release the imprints of past traumas without the event itself being consciously experienced or moreover, verbalised.
You can practice TRE® at any time of the day when you are tired or stressed, even for a few minutes. You can use it when you have had a difficult day or when you had to face a challenging situation and felt off balance. The technique helps you to regain your groundedness, get back to your center.
It can be used as an independent method or as an effective complemener method to other therapies. It can reduce anxiety, depression, relieve physical pain and improve sleep quality. It is also effective in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). See below for other beneficial effects.
You can participate in individual or group sessions, in person or online. 
Because the tremor mechanism is part of our natural human behaviour, TRE® can benefit anyone. 
Some of the known and common benefits include:
- Increased energy level and motivation
- improved sleep quality
- reduced physical pain
- reduced muscle and back pain
- increased flexibility
- increased sense of calmness
- increased stress tolerance
- increased resilience
- reduced anxiety, depression
- improved sport performance
- improved concentration and attention
- healthier relationships
- less conflict in relationships
- less conflict at work
- more balanced emotional state
- reduced post-traumatic symptoms
- relief from chronic health conditions
- general well-being
Do you have any injuries, symptoms, illnesses or physical limitations that may prevent you from doing some ligt exercise?
If you are in a condition to be able to participate in a short, non strenuous exercise, such as yoga or Pilates, then there is no reason not to participate in TRE®.
You can register for an individual session - whether in-person or online - by calling our clinic during office hours from Monday to Friday. Classes are held on weekdays, between 10AM-5PM.
Group sessions can be booked by clicking on the 'I'll be there' button on the 'Group TRE®' event on the 'Gábriel Orsolya - hivatalos oldal' Facebook page.
In both cases, you must indicate your intention to participate by sending an email to gabrielorsolyaclinic@gmail.com in addition to the above. In the subject line please type your full name and the date and time of the session. You will then receive a confirmation email with a Preparation Guide and a Declaration Form attached which you must complete and sign online before the class starts. 
The registration fee is to be payed by bank transfer at the same time as the registration.
Class duration: 60-70 minutes
Individual session fee: 20 000 HUF
Group session fee: 5 000 HUF
After receiving the confirmation email, it is recommended that you watch the short video by clicking on the link below. The video is a nice and easy-to-understand explanation of TRE®. Further information will be in our confirmation email.
If you've decided to make the change but are stuck, do not hesitate to contact us.


Bezár x